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Are you interested in working as an HR Manager or HR Project Manager? The HR teams are responsible for defining and supporting the deployment of FM Logistic’s human resources policies. Their tasks include talent acquisition, such as defining the recruitment strategy and processes, sourcing and managing the employer brand, etc.

Tasks also include compensation and benefits such as defining the salary policy as well as monetary or in-kind benefits, talent management with the integration of new employees, skills development, performance evaluation, etc.
The HR department also manages our learning and development center, FM University, with the creation and deployment of a relevant training offer that is easily accessible to all teams, as well as our Human Resources information system (HRIS) with the design and deployment at Group level of a common human resources management tool.

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What does an HR Project Manager do?

The role of an HR Project Manager is essential because logistics is a profession where the human element is the most valuable asset at FM Logistic.
His/her tasks are varied and exciting: recruitment, performance management, integration and development of employees, etc. He/she must also understand the business in order to respond to the demand in the best possible way. Keeping in mind the company’s culture and values is essential for successful recruitment. The HR Project Manager participates in the organisation of the activity and in communication. It is a rich function that allows him/her to explore the HR profession in its entirety. At FM Logistic, we offer different HR Project Manager roles: Global HR Project Manager, Senior HR Project Manager…

The HR Project Manager’s salary is very competitive at a global level.

Work as an HR Manager at FM Logistic!

At FM Logistic, an HR Manager manages the human resources of the warehouse in all its components. He/ she develops and implements the necessary means to adapt and optimise human resources to the economic objectives of the warehouse in compliance with social legislation, internal regulations, safety rules, human resources policy, business processes, operational procedures, the quality approach and the company’s values. The tasks consist of recruiting, welcoming and onboarding employees, managing their administrative life, developing skills, leading social relations, relaying HR information (internal communication) and deploying the HR policy.

Work as an HR Reporting Analyst at FM Logistic!

The role of the HR Reporting Analyst is crucial in the development of FM Logistic. In a people-driven company, the HR Reporting Analyst helps the HR team to fulfill its mission.

He/she is in charge of the configuration and maintenance of the Workday platform, our HRIS, and reporting by developing the reporting offering for the business, in collaboration with experts, HR and managers.

What are the main responsibilities of the HR Reporting Analyst? The duties are varied and exciting and include identifying new projects and improving the existing model to increase forecasting efficiency, including automating forecasts and processes.
The HR Reporting Analyst recommends and delivers performance improvements related to the reporting workflow. He/she will also work with large data sets to build data pipelines and analytics for management and business reporting, partnering with cross-functional groups such as HR, Finance, Accounting and IT to understand needs and suggest ways to use technology to increase process efficiency across all groups.

The missions are rich and the salary is competitive. We are waiting for you!

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What does a change analyst do at FM Logistic?
At FM Logistic, the change analyst coordinates, prepares and executes communication and training efforts related to HR information systems and related process changes at group level, including coordination of leadership forums, employee newsletters or alerts, information sites and manuals, training programs and other related assets.

The Change Analyst also proactively contributes to the improvement of the change management strategy that will ensure effective and efficient communication according to the audience and objectives. He/she also collaborates with the HRIS support team and the HR function to develop and execute communication plans, reference maps, training plans and resistance management plans and measures the effectiveness of communication and training to identify opportunities for improvement.

What does a Functional Analyst do?

At FM Logistic, the functional analyst has a very central position. Motivated by data and target achievement, the functional analyst has many responsibilities.

He/she serves as an HRIS partner supporting the Human Capital Management (HCM), Time Tracking and Absence Management domains in Workday, as a strong advisor to HR Business Partners. He/she will design and maintain the system configuration, including supervisory organization, custom organizations, location, compensation group, etc., and maintain master data values in Workday.

The Functional Analyst tests, validates and implements process changes in Workday. He/she works to achieve the expected business performance objectives. He/she also provides feedback to the Workday team leader, Workday team members and internal customers as appropriate, participates in scheduled and ad hoc training to improve knowledge of policies and processes, and handles other projects and tasks as needed by the business.

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