Consumer and market trends
Consumer and market trends

A customized warehouse: an omnichannel supply chain strategy

New warehouse possibilities and tailored customization and compilation of technology make for a better customer and client experience.

On June 23, 2023

Current warehouse of 56 000 m2 storage area is offering a unique solution to serve as a multi-customer platform.
E-commerce is on the rise. Therefore, supply chains must adapt to meet the demands of different sales channels as well as their customers.

The FM Logistic warehouse in Tuchoměřice is conveniently located near the Prague airport, has a direct connection to the railway and is just about 3,2 km from the nearest highway. Thanks to its size it can hold up to 72 000 pallets and load and unload 80 trucks daily.

However, its efficiency lies in a combination of means and customized solutions that fits an omnichannel provider.

Multi-customer platform in Tuchoměřice

Customization and convenience as an answer

We work with a personalized warehouse management system (WMS) that is modified to fit the customer’s specific needs so delivery to stores and final customers, picking and multi-order picking is a possibility.

We also offer a long-term e-commerce fulfilment to our clients. We are connected to international partners and providers and handle returns from customers, allowing for a straightforward purchase and overall process.

Co-packing zone

Your package is safe with us

To make sure your product is safe and secure, special chambers for particular packaging are in place. Of a capacity of up to 10 000 pallet places, we provide a chilled chamber with the temperature around 4 degrees or a special zone with increased fire protection. High value products can be stored in a cage.

On top of all these measures, FM Logistic holds a TAPA level A protection certification, so you can be sure your package is in good hands.

New co-packing strategy

To increase the speed of orders handling we implemented a new co-packing zone. Different types of modern equipment and a two to three shift operation allows us to process up to 800 000 orders per year and serve more customers from various industries.

With a more efficient person-to-goods system, our employees handle, group, sticker, code, carton, bundle, fold, or gift wrap your purchase from different brands of specific packaging. Thanks to our customized way of operating, we have demonstrated that warehouse modernization, adaption to trends and implementing working strategies to make sure customer is satisfied is key to an easy flow of an omnichannel supply chain.

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