E-commerce: Fostering B2B Growth

India’s e-commerce industry witnessed phenomenal growth during the Covid-19 pandemic. Due to the pandemic induced disruptions and restrictions on movements amid several lockdowns across the country, the Covid-19 crisis accelerated the expansion of e-commerce towards new players, new consumers and shift in transactions from luxury goods and services to everyday necessities.

The Logistics and Transport  2022 Trends in Spain 

The logistics companies will have to reinvent themselves with disruptive ideas, and thus differentiate themselves from their competitors. Their conventional business model is no longer viable, with the economic and sociological changes.

New rules have been set for transport in Europe: Transport Mobility Package

On February 21, a new wave of rules of Transport Mobility Package, on the posting of drivers became applicable. This new rules comes with a strict scope of application which will limit an deviation across country laws. The Transport Mobility Package directives will be applied to all transportation companies and fleet operators within the EU. … Continued

How new retail trends in Asia are driving supply chain innovations

Online goes physical while offline goes digital: the line between both worlds is fading. Consumers’ expectations are shifting towards ultra-fast, smoother online, and offline experiences. This ultra-personalization translates into the needed transformation of supply chains to keep up with the new retail world requirements.  What is the adoption of ecommerce in Asia?  In Asia, we … Continued