Fm logistic

La logique des transports urbain

Among recent FM Logistic innovations:

  • Put to light

    The “put to light”

    Because the quality of the service also depends on the well-being of colleagues at work, FM Logistic has invented an innovative ”put to light” arch.

    Whatever technology is used (voice or radio), it can be adapted by plug & play to any device for preparing orders: the light is directional and  visibility is always optimal. 

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    Optimal traceability

    On-board scanner

    Optimal traceability with this “plug & play” solution that provides automatic scanning of pallets at all FM Logistic sites.

    It has the dual advantage of improved ergonomics at work stations and a considerable increase in productivity for clients during identification operations. 

  • The roto-compacter

    The roto-compacter

    A partnership of 18 months with a German company resulted in the invention of this new roto-compacter. This innovative technical solution enables cardboard waste to be used at the same time as reducing the risk of accidents at work. This is a perfect fit with the FM Logistic policy to promote sustainable development.

  • Weight control

    Weight control solutions

    How can we offer the best service quality for the lowest price when distribution is cross-channel?

    Thanks to our innovative preparation solutions with weight control, both qualitative and quantitative, checks are carried out in real time as orders are prepared. 


Innovation is one of pillars of continuous improvement. That is why FM Logistic sets it at the centre of its solution design.

The objective is to envisage, design and deploy in the countries the best processes, organisations and operational tools to give the company competitive advantages. For FM Logistic this means increasing the productivity of operations and the performance of buildings, reducing supply chain costs but also gaining in flexibility, while improving the quality of the service.

FM Logistic innovation is also focussed on the well-being of colleagues and on sustainable development. This is seen in the HQE buildings and the gas lorries with the latest technology.  Ergonomic solutions are devised especially to reduce work stress. The setting up of automatic checks, for example, releases the operator from psychological pressure, so it is easier for him to concentrate on fulfilling his tasks.

Experts from all professions and countries in the Group make up the Innovation Committee of FM Logistic. This is the committee which identifies areas of research and launches major projects. In every country, a local innovation adviser ensures that new solutions are deployed in a way that guarantees their homogeneity.