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La logique des transports urbain

Continuous improvement

The aim of our continuous improvement policy is to create value for both our Clients and us. 

A Global Security

Safety has a fundamental role in the governance of the company. To be well governed, the latter must be well secured. thus:

  • Obligations to customers primarily include safety of products and services;
  • The obligations to shareholders impose the requirement of the safety of property and assets;
  • The safety of travel and the security of our expatriates are the foundation of our commitment to our employees responsible.

And the organization of the Group's overall safety is involved in economic security implementation.

Bernard GALEA - CSO FM Logistic Group

For this, the operational intelligence, the competences and the knowledge of the field we have in all our Teams is the best lever we have to enhance our competitiveness and strengthen our operational excellence.

Directly inspired from lean approaches, the different program we deploy in all our activities and countries is structured around three logics  : 

  • permanent questioning through permanent review or our process and operations,
  • strict necessary  to eliminate non value added operations and simplify flows,
  • collective intelligence to involve all because it is the key for efficiency and reliable improvement.


The deployment of our continuous approach is made around 3 main programs.

3 main programs


How :

Operation Team (from Reachtruck Driver to Activity Director) & Continuous Improvement Expertise make together a diagnosis of the operations and define action plan

Content at a glance :

  • Define & measure performance
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Observation of process on field
  • Identification of muda, mura , muri
  • Evaluation of management system
  • Evaluation of 5S & visual management
  • Definition of actions


How :

Training on continuous improvement basics and creation of ritualized improvement loops involving all Teams

Content at a glance :

  • Definition of wastes & standards
  • Training to problems solving methods (Ishikawa diagram, 5W, QQOQCCP, …) 
  • Training to continuous improvement animation (lean board, visual management …)
  • Start of standardized improvement loops 


How :

Complete training program on different aspects of continuous improvement … oriented to action

Content at a glance :

  • Different module training : wastes, problems solving, active supervision, deployment strategy …
  • Mix of concepts, methods, tools and exercises
  • Made for “Taylor made” deployment : to support a workshop, an action plan, a training of new comer …