Fm logistic

La logique des transports urbain


A brand new concept of sustainable urban logistics

Madrid, Paris, Moscow, Prague, Rome... Congestion in megalopolises is a reality. More than ever, deliveries of goods in the city centres are a major source of nuisances: pollution, noise, traffic jam... Rome is the first European city to take action to address this challenge by sharply restricting the access to its historic centre to combustion vehicles.
CityLogin is a concept developed by FM Logistic in collaboration with the Italian carrier Mag.Di. It is an innovative last kilometre solution based on mutualisation of logistics and transportation means. A collaborative, sustainable and original way of working that creates value for all supply chain stakeholders. Today, FM Logistic is extending this concept to other major European cities.

  • 5000 delivery points
  • 15 round trips per day
  • = 20% of energy consumption

A sustainable and efficient urban solution:

A proximity hub

CityLogin's hub is just a few kilometers from the historic center of Rome. Its 500 m² dedicated to urban logistics ensure maximum responsiveness and limit distances travelled.
Touching 5,000 points of sales, the hub operates as a cross-docking platform as well as a proximity warehouse.

An ecological fleet

Today, 5 vehicles equipped with electric or hybrid technology perform 15 round trips per day. These deliveries are optimised with a dedicated IT tool connected to the municipal services for express access to restricted traffic zones.
Particularly suitable for urban logistics, these vehicles significantly reduce CO2 emissions and noise pollution.

Micro-logistics solution

The square metre prices in the heart of cities is high, the sale space in these areas must be optimised.
CityLogin has also a micro-logistics solution: storage and handling of small amounts of stocks combined with an online ordering system. Products are available in stores in only few hours.