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La logique des transports urbain

Supply chain management

Multiplying distribution channels, increasing urbanisation, rising distribution costs, massive access to new technologies, growing demand for a sustainable chain... In a changing world, an agile supply chain is imperative.

Making a success of these changes is essential for our customers’ development. FM Logistic is constantly developing solutions to optimise the global performance of their logistics chain. Integrated vision, inventiveness and a commitment to excellence drives our teams to address the daily challenges that arise and to imagine the supply chain of tomorrow.
Discover our high value-added solutions that optimise the supply chain on three continents:


Pooling is a collaborative solution where different industrials share logistics and transport infrastructures and resources. It's an innovating concept developed and improved by FM Logistic since the early 2000s.


Cross channel

FM Logistic uses shared resources to handle flows from the same platform to address the demand of different distribution channels.



Madrid, Paris, Moscow, Prague, Rome... Congestion in megalopolises is a reality. FM Logistic has set up CityLogin to provide a green solution to the last kilometre of delivery. The example of Rome…