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Available warehouses seeking goods to store

Far from being an exact science, flow management is a variable that must be taken into account in logistics. Business activities are becoming decreasingly linear. Therefore, they impact the warehouses occupancy rate due to higher fluctuations. Under-occupied or even empty warehouse space is expensive, and turns into a lack of profit optimization… upon the estimations, the average warehouse occupancy rate ranges from 60 to 80 % in France.


In order to convert this space into real commercial opportunities, Stockbooking has developed a unique, centralised service via its website, which links offer to demand i.e., available warehousing space on the one hand to goods that require temporary storage on the other. Whether it is for a week or for a year, the range of demand is wide: peak periods (sales, Christmas time, etc.), remote storage, spot storage for over-production, packaging, etc.


Stockbooking, a simple and flexible collaborative platform

When companies are looking for short or medium-term warehousing services, they fill in a quote request providing details on location, product volume, storage type and conditions, product type, services required and of course, start and end dates.

A selection of compatible warehouse space providers is sent out within 48 hours for straightforward operations. It takes key criteria into account such as proximity, quality of service and price.

Companies then make their choice, via Stockbooking, with the provider that best meets their demand.


A glance on tomorrow’s logistics features

Stockbooking gives space providers a flexible and failsafe solution – no risk of incompatibility – to run their warehouses and services to their full potential while retaining their core business.

Meanwhile, it allows companies seeking warehousing space to access storage availability in their area in just a few clicks. It saves time and resources, simplifying processes and guaranteeing reliable service providers.


A first version of the website went on-line at the beginning of April.  Wide scale economic data collection tracked down the first partner providers in five different areas: Alsace, Greater Paris, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, Picardy and Rhône-Alpes.

So far more than 150 000 storage pallet positions have been identified for racking warehouses and over 20 000 m² of pallet floor storage.

With FM Logistic’s assistance, Stockbooking plans to automate its marketplace and implement a centralised information system by 2017. Furthermore, the website plans to grow abroad and start providing new services like bonded warehousing and urban storage.


« Although the group’s core business sector remains supply chain services for large manufacturers and international distributors, FM Logistic sees a new dynamic approach in the Stockbooking project and a development in the pooling concept. Doors are opening to more flexible storage solutions thanks to Stockbooking’s digital commercialisation » explains Pablo Gomez, Innovation Director for the FM Logistic group.