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Inventory Viewer, the new generation inventory solution


Inventory viewer is a platform fixed to the arms of a reach truck. It is equipped with cameras capable of reading bar codes of up to 2.5 metres high. It also has IP cameras to photograph pallets as well as sensors to recognise the pallets and detect obstacles should there be any.


The truck travels at a speed of 4 km/h, level per level (1 level = approximately 90 pallets). The cameras collect the barcodes and locations of the pallets while the truck is in movement, and then send them directly to WMS for careful analysis.



An effective solution


The tests carried out over the past few months indicate a 98.5% accuracy rate which spotlights the high added value that Inventory Viewer provides during inventory periods:

  • Locations are processed in 3 seconds as opposed to the 30 seconds a classic inventory system takes ;
  • The high definition photos allow anomalies to be dealt with from a computer, without having to return to the warehouse ;
  • FM Logistic and Hub One worked together on the user-friendly aspect of Inventory Viewer and tested it with FM Logistic personnel who appreciated "its speed, simplicity and operating comfort" ;
  • Through active cooperation between the two partners, the solution was improved all through the test phase (image quality, photo metering…)



Initial deployment at three platforms


FM Logistic has identified between 15 and 20 sites that could be equipped with Inventory Viewer. The system is especially useful at sites where several customers are hosted. In France, the first to benefit from the initiative are Château-Thierry (02), Fauverney (21) and Fontenay-Trésigny (77).


Certain international FM Logistic platforms, like Brazil and Russia, are already interested in the potential of an automated inventory system.